Adam Wallace


    I was called into the ministry sometime ago, I gave my life to the Lord when I was eight years old. Although I cannot say that I understood everything back then I have certainly grown in His knowledge and power since then. It wasn’t until I graduated from Sullivan University (1998) that I began to strongly feel the Lord’s calling upon my life. The Lord used my Father greatly in my adult years- no doubt to prepare me for what was ahead. In the fall of 2000 I took a journey down to Baton Rouge Louisiana to attend WEBC’S World Evangelism Bible College & Seminary.
    With the Lords help after four years I received a Bachelors in Divinity and a Associates in Theology. After graduating I was asked to minister at a Church in Baton Rouge called Living Waters, little did I know then...that I would soon be ministering there on a full time basis.
    After a few weeks of ministering at this church I was asked by the founder to help build up that particular ministry. With the help of a two of my colleagues we were able to help the members of that ministry to become fully aware of the Greatness of God. Not that numbers matter but to show how the Lord blessed us, we went from a small handful of people to a congregation of believers...    
    During my time in Baton Rouge I was able to minister on multiple occasions at the Jetson Correctional Facility both in music and in word. I was shocked to see the number of youths locked up at such a young age. From 8 years old to 17- The devil has  been busy attacking our youth. Nevertheless the Lord had His way, we were one of the only groups that were given full access to the entire facility. We were granted permission to have multiple services on  Sundays and on Wednesdays, every week we saw more and more individuals getting saved and growing in God’s grace    
    Near the end of 2006 I felt the Lord moving me in another direction. With Living Waters well established and many new ministers joining the seminary's prison ministry I have been able to move on to other things. Early in 2007 I moved back up to Ohio to help my Father out with his ministry.

In the Masters Service,
Brother Wallace

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