Minister Adam Wallace

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Newark Ohio Revival Messages The Foundation Has Been Laid...

Go And Preach The Gospel 

"Get Hungry For The Right Things"

"You Must Have A Revelation Of Jesus"


A Message Dealing With A Dying Church

Strengthen the things which remain and are ready to die...Are we Sardis?

If Dead Then You need some Help Sardis Part 2

Minister John Wallace

A Message Encouraging Christians To stay the Course

"There Is is a rock in your desert!"


A Message Dealing with Christian Behavior
"Walk worthy of the calling"


What We Must Do If We Are Heading Down the Wrong Direction

"Turn around- We must Repent"


The Work Of The Cross
"That your fruit should remain..."


Jesus Says to
"Take no thought"
The Lord Know What We Are In Need Of- We Must Learn To Trust Him


A Call to War
Prepare for Battle...Sound The Trumpet


The Word Says To

"Lay aside every weight...and run the race"



God is the perfect Father- A fathers day sermon

A trusting mother- Mother's Day

Declaration of Dependence Fourth of July sermon


A Message dealing with Christians after the Cross but Before the Resurrection

"Go And Tell The Vision"

The Command to Christ's Disciples


Are You Wise or Are you Foolish?

"The Bridegroom Cometh"

The trump of God will sound soon- are you ready to enter in....


A Message dealing with your relationship with God

"By Faith"

What It Takes To Please God & To Have a Successful Walk With God


By Faith Part 2

"Going Forward With Jesus"

The conclusion to the message entitled "By Faith" The next step after believing


The Gospel Is Simple- It's As Simple As...


God's Present to this World- The Gift of God Son


A Look At How God Can turn A Bad Situation Around

"Go And Recover All"

The Devil will never get the best of God's Children


A Message Dealing With Christ & His Kingdom
"A New Tenant Has Arrived"

Jesus is on the Thrown In heaven, The devil has lost!


A message about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
"The Comforter Has Come"
The  Spirit, The Believer & The World A must hear for Christan growth 

Christian Conduct in regards to this World
Ephesians 5:1-1
"Sex, Sin & Sanctification"
Can sin keep you out of the Kingdom of God? 

A message concerning The Kingdom Of Heaven
Matthew 21:1-16
"Paradise for a Penny"
The First Shall be Last & the Last shall be first Gods Mercy!!! 

 A Message Concerning Idolatry & The Christian Response...
Acts 17:16-34
"God Winks No More The Unknown God has to go"
Christians Can Change the World one soul at at time

You cannot give God Back His Gift so we must....

Luke 11:9-13
"Throw Away The Receipt"
A sermon touching on The Great Price of our Salvation


Christian Conduct, Conviction & Discipleship

Matthew 23:24-28


 A lesson in Love and in Forgiveness
Luke 7:36-48
"Loveth Much"
What God expects from us in regards to Life Liberty &  Service

Minister Adam Wallace Preaches on the Built Tabernacle
Numbers 9:15-23
"The Cloud is Coming"
Find out what God has in store for those who will Trust & Obeyy 

Serious Truth = Serious fruit 
"Whats it Going to Take to Follow Jesus"
This Message Hits Home, Are we really what we say we are?